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range hood fan motor

The kitchen cooker hood motor can be customized-made according to different voltage, frequency, size and rotation speed as your detailed requirements.
Our products range as follows:
Shaded Pole Motor: for cook hood ,range hood, heater, ventilator, microwave oven, small fan, air purifier, can opener, humidifier, refrigerator ,water pump etc.
Synchronous Motor :for kitchen range hood,air condition turning leaf, micro wave oven turning plate etc.
Capacitor Motor : for box fan, stand fan, washing machine etc.

1.Using coiled silicon steel sheet after cold rolling,which produced by Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation and Shanghai Baosteel Corporation.

2.Housing made of high quality aluminum alloy die casting.

3.Using NSK bearing.

4.Widely used in upscale range hood series, with small size,low noise, large air volume etc.

5.Especially suitable for common flues and long distance ventilation, wind pressure more than 320MP, air flow is greater than 16 cubic meters, temperature rising is less than 70K, the rotational speed 1680 transfer, the indicators have exceeded the national standard.

Please contact us for more detailed information. Custom-Made and OEM offered.

Any question, please feel free to email at    MSN:

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