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Hood Switch Sample Custom Made

Question: We don't find any item interested on the website and catalog. Do you have any other item for choice?

Answer: Yes. We have other product for reference. Only a few of photos shown here. Please contact us.

Question: Can you make the counter-sample according to our sample?

Answer: Yes. We can. Just send one set of sample or provide CAD files to us.

Question: Do you charge on new mould?

Answer: No. It's free. Free charge for new mould.

Question: How many days will be cost for new mould?

Answer: About 15 to 30 days which depends on samples.

Question: We have a photo of range hood. Can you make the switch used here?

Answer: We can. And let us know the function you need and position of keys.

Question: We want to make a new switch, but only for us. Can you make it?

Answer: OK. We promise not to sell to other clients. But you should pay mould charge.

Question: Could you return the mould charge back to us if our quantity is big one?

Answer: Yes. Normally speaking, if your quantity is more than 20K sets.

Question: We just have some ideas on new hood swtich, can you make?

Answer: We will try to do. Big supports for your new project.

Question: How many sets of free sample can you provide?

Answer: Only one set.

Question: We need sample or make new mould, who to contact?

Answer: Please send email to Thanks.


Please contact us for more detailed information. Custom-Made and OEM offered.

Any question, please feel free to email at